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Marketing Automation: A Necessary Prescription for the Longevity of Health Insurers

Marketing challenges for health insurance companies are as diverse as the types of consumers who require coverage. This report from Frost & Sullivan explains how a customer's choice of health insurance is influenced by demographics, medical histories, behaviors, and economic/employment status.  A health insurance marketer has to be highly aware of which segment prospective customers belong to, and what their unique needs are, both as a segment and as an individual. The customer pool spans seniors, Gen X, baby boomers and millennials. Each demographic requires a different approach to educate, acquire and retain. 

Download this report from Frost & Sullivan to learn about:

  • The unique marketing needs of the health insurance market
  • How marketing automation empowers the insurance provider, providing tools that make marketers work in tandem with the sales organization
  • Why relationships matter tremendously in the healthcare market, and how health insurance companies can constantly nurture patient relationships
  • How marketing automation enables health insurance providers to go beyond customer acquisition and build long-term relationships with customers 

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