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Marketing Budgets: The Strategic Allocation Model


It's easy to lose sight of your marketing goals and fall into the "peanut butter" approach to marketing – spreading your budget across every program that sounds good. Plus, new opportunities come up and you need to fund those too, right? Many marketers miss the opportunity to get stellar results by allowing their tactics to drift from their strategy. Did you know that how you structure your budget makes a big difference in whether or not you experience this drift?


By dividing your budget into manageable components, you can have better visibility into how spending is allocated and ensure your investments are aligned with your strategy. The trick is creating a true campaign strategy that's built into your budget to provide the structure for programs and tactics you fund. Without that, you'll find a lot of your budget is wasted on disconnected, one-off tactics.

Sirius Decisions has developed a strategic allocation model that takes a divide-and-conquer approach to budget planning, so campaign spending can be managed separately from out-of-campaign spending. Taking this approach simplifies strategic budget planning, gives you better visibility into how spending aligns with strategy and makes it easier to understand the implications of shifting investments from one area to another.

Download this report and learn about:

  • Fiscal year allocation
  • Dividing the marketing programs pool
  • The Sirius Decisions marketing allocation budget model
  • Taking a strategic view

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