Think Pardot is the low cost alternative? Think again.

 pardot roi chart

It may seem like Pardot costs less than Marketo up front, but it doesn’t take long to discover the truth. Even small improvements at every stage of your marketing funnel can lead to dramatic improvements in revenue.

How can Marketo help do this?

At the top of the funnel, The Marketo Engagement Platform can help you convert more anonymous visitors to your website. Marketo’s predictive content recommendation engine uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver personalized content to prospects on your website, based on everything that we know about the visitor.

As illustrated in the example, an increase in web conversions of just one percentage point at the top of the funnel could help drive 20% more prospects to the middle of the funnel.

At the middle of the funnel, the predictive content recommendation engine also delivers personalized content to prospects over email, using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Further, you can segment customers by what’s likely to interest them and then engage them with personalized content across all channels, like email, mobile, social & ads. For example, Marketo helps you personalize ads for each segment across Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other popular ad platforms to deliver more effective display ads.

As illustrated in the example, a 1 percentage point increase in conversions at the top and the middle of the funnel could help drive 60% more prospects to the bottom of the funnel.

At the bottom of the funnel, Marketo helps you prioritize leads more intelligently for sales with the most flexible, easy-to-use approach to lead scoring.  With Account-Based Marketing, you can collaborate with sales on target accounts to ensure you’re focused on the accounts that provide the highest ROI.

As illustrated in the example, a 1 percentage point increase in conversions across the funnel could help drive an 80% increase in customer wins, driving significantly more growth.


The example shown is for illustrative purposes only, to show what’s possible. This is not based on actual data.