Bizible Revenue Attribution

Prove and improve impact with unmatched visibility into marketing performance

What is working and what isn’t? That’s the question every marketer needs to be able to answer. And it’s exactly why every B2B marketing team needs revenue attribution. Beyond just clicks and leads, Bizible gives marketers unmatched visibility into their true impact on the bottom line.

Capture Every Customer Interaction

With attribution that measures every touchpoint in the customer journey—digital and offline, paid and organic, marketing and sales—accurately identify which channels and campaigns deliver the most revenue and highest ROI.

Bizible Staircase 1 Customer Interaction

Accurate, Robust Data

Dealing with disparate data is frustrating. Bizible automatically connects and unifies your data, so you can spend more time acting on insights and less time on tedious tasks. Get accurate data without the pain of broken spreadsheets and duplicate conversion counting.

Bizible Staircase 2 Accurate Robust Data

Tailored Insights with Sophisticated Attribution Models

When it comes to attribution models, one size doesn’t fit all. Bizible offers single-touch models, out-of-the-box multi-touch models, and AI-powered custom models, so that you can match your attribution model to your unique needs.

Bizible Staircase 3 Tailored Insights

Reporting Flexibility To Meet Your Needs

Pre-built tiles and dashboards, coupled with advanced filters and segmentations, means you can answer complex questions and get deep insights with ease. You also have the flexibility to report on Bizible data in the CRM or in your BI tool.

Bizible Staircase 4 Reporting Flexibility

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Learn more about specific use cases & benefits, including how Bizible enables you to make smarter decisions that power growth.

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