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Tips for the Social Marketer Cheat Sheet: Twitter

Brands and organizations can no longer afford to ignore the power of Twitter. This social giant has proven it’s a critical part of any marketing mix. Companies that lack a strategic, lead-generating plan for their Twitter presence are missing out on access to a huge user base and an opportunity to showcase themselves in a socially savvy, relevant way. Being followed by a user on Twitter is a strong signal of his affinity for your business. These self-selected audience members are indicating an active interest in your brand, what you have to say, what you do, and are asking to hear more from you. 

Download this cheat sheet to learn about marketing on Twitter, and get some quick action items and best practices that you can use right away.

This cheat sheet will cover how to:

  • Build your brand presence
  • Build your following
  • Advertise and optimize your ads