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  • Led to 12-fold return on an original campaign investment
  • More than U.S.$5 million in Aconex pipeline attributable to Marketo-driven programs
  • Supported single, standard approach to email marketing, lead nurturing and lead scoring
  • Satisfied Sales team’s craving for highly qualified leads, ensuring tighter integration between Sales and Marketing



Aconex is the world’s most widely-used online collaboration platform for construction and engineering projects. Across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), the company was previously relying on disparate and fragmented marketing campaign management solutions. This undermined Aconex’s ability to streamline and standardize the campaign process, review campaign success, and cost-effectively execute common, multinational campaigns.



Aconex has deployed Marketo globally (including EMEA) to support a single, standard approach to email marketing, lead nurturing, and lead scoring. The company is now creating and executing different campaigns from one database, accelerating the lead generation and nurturing process, and quickly transferring leads onto nurturing tracks for subsequent submission to the Aconex sales teams. This satisfies the Sales teams craving for leads and ensures tighter integration between the Sales and Marketing teams throughout EMEA.



This showcase Marketo lead generation, nurturing, and qualification solution has transformed Aconex’s Revenue Performance Management. In France for example, Aconex recently launched a three-phase email campaign over four weeks to 20,000 leads. This ‘thought leadership’ created 60 leads, 10 subsequent face-to-face meetings for Sales, and ultimately a deal valued at U.S.$62,000. This is equivalent to a 12-fold return on the original campaign investment. Moreover, the global Aconex team now holds US$5 million in pipeline that is directly attributable to programs run using the Marketo Revenue Performance Management solution.