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Application Security

We tested several solutions and selected Marketo because it provided us with the best combination of breadth of features, ease of use and value for our marketing dollar. Marketo allows us to communicate the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

appsecurity photo of thom vanhorn vice president global marketing Thom VanHorn
Vice President Global Marketing
Application Security


  • Establishment of sales and marketing alignment
  • Increased pipeline opportunity value by 65%
  • Increased leads by 12%, while reducing cost per lead by 36% and increasing lead quality by 200%



Application Security, Inc., the leader in database security, risk and compliance, was recognized by Inc. Magazine and Deloitte & Touche for exceptional accelerated growth. In 2008, however, they found themselves in the predicament of needing to achieve greater results with a smaller budget in a downturned market. With a decrease in budget and staff by 40%, Thom Van Horn, VP of Marketing, needed to find something to help him deliver more with less. The Application Security marketing team aligned with the sales team to develop ways to ensure that the sales team was working on the right leads at the right time.



By looking closely at their marketing and sales strategy, Application Security discovered interesting trends that motivated them find ways to increase efficiency. The sales and marketing team aligned to find a solution that would help the entire lead life cycle. The team brought on Marketo Lead Management to help implement lead nurturing programs and drip campaigns, and closed the loop with Marketo Sales Insight to ensure that the sales team was armed with the information they needed to understand lead quality, need, and sales cycle stage.



With Marketo, Application Security is now able to tailor messaging to their unique audiences, whether it’s to customers or prospects. This additional layer of communication has helped Application Security increase customer retention, shorten sales cycles and help bring down their cost per lead. In addition, the Application Security marketing team is able to nurture leads while aligning with sales using Marketo Sales Insight to implement a lead scoring model to help sales to prioritize their focus on the top 20% of the funnel.