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  • Increased free trials volume and conversion rate by 10-15%
  • Increased email open and click-through rates by 10%
  • Improved web site content and landing page quality



Codesion, a leading provider in subversion hosting and the cloud service unit of Collabnet Inc., lacked the capacity to manually process hundreds of free trial accounts per month. Once engaged, its small marketing team found it impossible to provide ongoing support for a 30-day trial process. In addition, Codesion needed to design professional landing pages and build sophisticated, email marketing campaigns without relying on outside resources. Finally, the team needed to easily identify sales-ready leads and track conversion rates from initial web visit to trial conversion and up-sell.



Marketo provides Codesion with a powerful and easy-to-use marketing automation solution that enables its small marketing team to build professional-quality landing pages and automated email marketing campaigns. Following advice from Marketo's Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing, Codesion now manages a sophisticated email drip campaign that provides on-boarding support, expert advice and relevant content over 30 days for hundreds of prospective buyers.



Marketo has enabled Codesion to fully automate its Free Trials Program and to dramatically improve the quality of landing pages and associated content. Its marketing team now manages a higher volume of trial requests and has improved its email open and click-through rates by 10%. In addition, Codesion is using the power and flexibility of Marketo reporting and analytics to measure a 10–15% increase in trial conversions. Finally, by employing lead nurturing best practices, Codesion is able to test and improve the impact of landing pages and marketing content for future campaigns.