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  • Increased sales productivity
  • Better visibility across the marketing-sales funnel
  • Improved collaboration between sales and marketing teams



With over 20,000 new registrations a month, CollabNet was in an enviable, but difficult position. The leading provider of application lifecycle management (ALM) platforms for distributed development teams had an overwhelming volume of leads, but no easy way to determine which leads were sales-ready. As a result, the sales team lacked insight into the demographic information and web activities of the leads being assigned to them, making it difficult for the sales team to efficiently prioritize their time. CollabNet needed to give its sales team insight, measure the value of its marketing programs, and reduce time-intensive manual processes.



With Marketo, CollabNet has complete visibility into the marketing-sales funnel. They have assigned different lead scoring values to each piece of content on the Web site, which gives their marketing team insight into each prospect’s interests and engagement, from lead nurturing programs through sales pursuit. CollabNet uses lead scoring to determine what type of nurturing is appropriate and tailors responses to leads’ activities. With real-time lead scoring, CollabNet has the ability to send the most qualified leads directly to sales for immediate follow up.



By automating lead scoring and lead nurturing processes and focusing sales’ attention on the right leads, CollabNet has reduced the quantity but increased the quality of leads passed from marketing to sales, enabling the sales organization to be more focused. With increased pipeline visibility, there is better marketing and sales alignment, cooperation and collaboration. Sales knows why leads are being passed to them and how they got there, and marketing can identify programs that are producing high-quality leads and quickly pass those leads to sales.