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Marketo makes every member of my team more efficient. We have better time-to-market and are more nimble which means better results for less money.

equilar photo of david liu marketing automation wizard David Liu
Marketing Automation Wizard


  • 350% increase in total qualified leads
  • Increased percentage of new subscription revenue attributed to marketing from 69% to 82%
  • 60% increase in form fill rates and a 400% increase in email click-through rates



Equilar, the leading provider of executive compensation data and research, needed to provide qualified leads to their sales teams and track the percentage of new subscription leads. Further, they required a way to implement more effective campaigns, increase email click-through rates, and easily perform A/B testing of their campaigns.



The implementation of Marketo allowed Equilar to deploy a total lead tracking system in Salesforce.com. As a result, Marketo and Salesforce.com seamlessly route each lead to its correct territory, enabling Equilar to see each lead's sales stage, marketing campaign influences, lead source, and revenue generated. In addition, the marketing team can generate reports by industry, job title, salesperson, and other options. Equilar also implemented Marketo's innovative and easy-to-use A/B testing system, which allows the company to test anything imaginable without worrying about a complicated implementation.



Equilar has seen immediate and impressive results with Marketo, with their very first campaign being a major step forward from campaigns with other vendors. Since implementing Marketo, they have increased new subscription revenues, raised form fill rates and elevated email click-through rates. As a result, Equilar has realized a 40% year-over-year revenue growth so far in 2011 and doubled their sales teams to handle the huge increase in leads generated through Marketo.