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With Marketo, marketing is no longer seen as a cost centre but a measurable, costed function that delivers leads and revenue to the organisation. Marketo is the first solution I've come across that puts marketing back at the heart of the company.

espatial photo of colm mulcahy chief sales marketing officer Colm Mulcahy
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer


  • Automates scoring from tens to thousands of leads from website and social media
  • Automates outbound email campaigns to boost lead generation and customer retention
  • Productivity of pre-sales operation boosted by over 50%



GIS pioneer eSpatial is transforming itself from a traditional enterprise software business into a modern SaaS or cloud computing firm. The big challenge was, with limited pre-sales resources, how could the company cope with the dramatic increase in prospects and leads from tens to thousands per month and how to manage the good ones through the sales funnel?



eSpatial was looking for an easy to use marketing automation solution that would integrate seamlessly into its salesforce.com CRM. The company examined a number of marketing automation solutions and selected Marketo, because of its successful track record and European support.



Using Marketo’s cloud based lead scoring tool, thousands of leads now are automatically qualified with little or no manual intervention. eSpatial is able to capture, track and score leads whether they come from a website contact, free trial, Google AdWords or social media. Marketo immediately boosted the productivity of pre-sales by at least 50%. In addition, eSpatial can now implement highly targeted outbound campaigns, measure impact in terms of leads and cost, and focus its marketing budget in the right area.