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  • Dramatic increase in raw lead volume and processing
  • Deep integration with SalesForce.com
  • Handoff of higher quality leads to the sales team
  • Phenomenal ease-of-use and low total cost of ownership



Extreme Networks, a premier global provider of wired and wireless network infrastructure and security solutions, is an innovative user of SalesForce.com. However, the company did not have a marketing automation platform. As a result, the marketing department was faced with the inability to provide the sales team with high quality leads. Also, marketing needed reporting and analytics that could show how they were contributing to the revenue pipeline. Extreme Networks required a solution that was easy-to-use, delivered a low total cost of ownership, and could deeply integrate with Salesforce.com.


Marketo was the perfect match for Extreme Networks. First, it delivers deep, rich integration with SalesForce.com which helps marketing work closely with sales to drive higher revenues. Second, Sales Insight provides the sales force actionable insight into the status of each lead and territory. And finally, Revenue Cycle Analytics offers an intuitive dashboard with unique sales pipeline views and rich reporting capabilities. Extreme Networks also wanted to work with a vendor that was a true innovator and thought leader in the marketing automation space and one that could help them be as nimble as possible.



Revenue Cycle Analytics has proven to be a game changer for Extreme Networks as it provides unique views into the opportunity pipeline, marketing program effectiveness, and how marketing is contributing to the business. Sales Insight has also had a significant impact on Extreme Networks by helping the sales team prioritize their follow-up and pursue opportunities in their territories. They’ve seen a dramatic increase in raw lead volume and the number of leads being passed to sales from marketing has actually dropped given that sales is getting higher quality, sales-ready leads, which has had a positive impact on sales productivity. Due to the ease of use, Extreme Networks has implemented Marketo across the organization resulting in an increase of e-mail volume 1400% in just a year and a 25% increase in deliverability. Although not quantifiable, Extreme Networks also cites Marketo’s innovation as a key element to the company’s success as it helps the Extreme Networks be more efficient and nimble as well as focus on more strategic issues.