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  • Easy identification and replication of marketing tactics that contribute most to the sales pipeline globally
  • Increased Sales & Marketing alignment, with joint visibility and tracking from lead acquisition to new business won
  • Migrated from existing marketing automation solution and implemented Marketo globally within 4 months to 40 marketers, in 3 regions and across multiple divisions



Headquartered in Everett, WA, Fluke Networks has over 700 employees and a customer base that includes 98 of the Fortune 100 companies. Fluke Networks offers best of breed solutions that span network deployment, network performance management and troubleshooting, as well as security and performance monitoring.

Prior to Marketo, Fluke Networks had a marketing solution that was cumbersome and required a level of expertise in marketing automation that some of their global teams simply didn’t have. In all, the company was previously utilizing five different marketing solutions--some acquired, some homegrown -- making it impossible to create a cohesive, global marketing infrastructure given interoperability,  data inconsistency, lack of scalability, and other issues. Fluke Networks recognized the need for a truly worldwide marketing automation platform to drive marketing’s accountability and achieve standardized procedures for marketing across the entire organization. To accomplish this, Fluke Networks looked to Marketo.



Fluke Networks was able to implement Marketo globally from the ground up within four months to 40 marketers in three regions and across multiple divisions. Leveraging Marketo, Fluke Networks can now easily deep-dive into which specific programs are best for capturing net new leads, which programs best convert those leads into sales qualified leads and ultimately revenue. This detailed global marketing intelligence allows Fluke Networks to fine-tune campaigns and helps teams understand which efforts to repeat and which to end. “Basically, Marketo gives us a clear end-to-end visibility within easy-to-use tools,” explains Clinton Gage, Global Marketing Operations Manager for Fluke Networks.

Other highlights of Fluke Network’s Marketo implementation include:

  • With Marketo Sales Insight, Fluke Networks empowers its sales team with information about the digital body language of prospects.
  • Marketo’s campaign cloning ability helps regional marketing teams easily identify a successful campaign based on metrics, clone it by changing the content to suit their needs, and then launch their own campaign with very little effort or time.
  • With Marketo’s ability to create different workspaces and partitions, Fluke Networks can ensure that each team is only touching and responding to the leads that are appropriate for their region. Leveraging the enterprise edition they deployed 17 workspaces and 24 discreet partitions.

Fluke Networks is a frequent participant in Marketo’s extensive online community, asking questions and learning what solutions are working for other Marketo clients. 



For the first time, the global marketing organization at Fluke Networks is able to operate as a cohesive unit, enhancing the team’s effectiveness and efficiency by allowing marketers in all regions to easily identify and replicate successful programs run by their peers. Marketo has also helped tighten the bond between Marketing and Sales by giving both organizations a common view into the end-to-end funnel and marketing’s contribution to sales.

“Implemented in only four months, Marketo has had a great impact on our organization. We now have a true worldwide marketing automation platform that gives us insight into what is driving revenue for the global organization and provides visibility from the initial spend all the way through to the opportunities that are won,” says Gage. “Plus, the marketing best practices that Marketo provides have become the gold standards for our team, helping get some of our newer regional teams familiar with modern marketing tactics like nurturing and scoring in a very short timeframe.”