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ForwardLine Financial provides merchant advances and small business loans throughout the United States. ForwardLine has a large database of approximately 1.2 million small businesses that the company has developed relationships with over their decade in business. Most leads that come in, then, have already had contact with ForwardLine Financial in the past. Before Marketo, ForwardLine’s marketing solution had no way of integrating new lead information into the existing database. The company had to choose between the new data or the existing, so ForwardLine had no way to build out lead detail over time. With such a large database, ForwardLine recognized the need for a marketing automation system that was sophisticated enough to incorporate new data into existing records. In looking for a solution, ForwardLine did an in-depth analysis of five enterprise class marketing systems. ForwardLine focused on usability, scalability, integration with their Salesforce CRM and, most importantly, the solution’s reputation for customer service and support. Marketo won on every point.



ForwardLine Financial has been utilizing Marketo for only four months. Already ForwardLine has been able to quickly, easily create advanced email stream campaigns, including several with more than 1,500 variations. In addition, ForwardLine is leveraging Marketo’s robust analytics to identify the performance of individual campaigns and drive strategy for future programs. “We looked at all the major automation systems available and Marketo’s analytics were definitely the best,” says Will Pearlman, Marketing and Information Specialist for ForwardLine. The Marketo Community helps ForwardLine see how others in their industry are solving the same challenges that ForwardLine faces. Marketo Premier Support gives ForwardLine a dedicated Marketo expert to ensure the company is achieving the maximum impact with their Marketo solution.


In only four months of using Marketo, ForwardLine Financial has already achieved a 20% increase in their landing page conversion. ForwardLine has also seen an instant boost in functionality. Marketo’s ease-of-use has helped ForwardLine accelerate the development and launch of campaigns, increasing what they can achieve and helping them keep on top in the fast-paced financial industry.

“We enjoy double digit year over year growth and have a large database already, so we needed a tool that was going to grow with us. The options available in Marketo are customizable and scalable in a way that other similar software is not. Plus, the out of the box features are so fantastic that you can start with something basic and easily build on top of it. We’re bringing new data into existing records all the time and the ability to configure smart campaigns for data management has been a huge, huge win for us,” says Michael Carlson, Vice President of Marketing for ForwardLine Financial.