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  • Increased marketing productivity, by lowering time required to create a new campaign from days using their former system to minutes using Marketo
  • Allowed global leader of proactive service performance assurance solutions to immediately and accurately measure, share, and report on campaign response rates
  • Automated lead and nurturing scoring process, ensuring opportunities are passed to telesales the moment the time is right
  • Expanded reach, improved engagement and maximized campaign effectiveness with real-time insight into leads derived from social media channels
  • Delivered fast, seamless bi-directional integration to Salesforce CRM



InfoVista, a global leader of proactive service performance assurance solutions for communication service providers and enterprises, was struggling to effectively build and manage email and nurturing campaigns with their former system. The company already had a well-designed and thoroughly managed lead management processes, aiming to qualify and monitor 100 per cent of incoming leads and transferring them onto the Sales teams once appropriately qualified. However, InfoVista was using a marketing automation tool for the past two years, which was widely considered to be too complex, inflexible, and difficult to synchronize with InfoVista's Salesforce CRM environment. According to InfoVista, "Our former system appeared to be designed by and for software engineers; not the end-user marketing community that actually use it."

Tasked with operating all online marketing, trade shows, and events worldwide, the InfoVista's Field Marketing team required a highly productive, easy-to-use campaign automation solution that enable them to productively execute campaigns—not one that hindered their day-to-day activities.



InfoVista's project goal was to choose a new product that would replace their CRM tool. Working closely with inficiences partners, a specialist consultant in marketing and sales efficiency, InfoVista shortlisted solutions from Marketo and another marketing automation solution. Marketo was selected based on the rich functionality of the solution, Marketo's leadership position and reputation in the marketplace, seamless integration with InfoVista's Salesforce CRM deployment. The migration to Marketo was performed within a few weeks, including the migration of all the templates, landing pages, emails, as well as batch and drip lead generation, lead nurturing and CRM campaigns. During that period, the team also created scoring and lead lifecycle campaigns, leveraging inficiences partners Best Practices for Marketing Automation. Live for 12 months, InfoVista's Marketo revenue performance management (RPM) solution combines nurturing, lead scoring, and email marketing in one seamlessly integrated and easy-to-use solution.



InfoVista is able to build and launch a new email marketing campaign to a targeted set of customers in as little as 5 minutes for simple emailing campaigns. This compares with up to three days using their former marketing automation tool. . InfoVista can accurately measure, share, and report on campaign response rates, including click-through rates, email delivery, downloads—and crucially the number of sales opportunities created per campaign. The company has the flexibility to automate scoring process, rating behavioural scores on how prospects are responding to the email campaign or interact online with InfoVista, like whether they visited a specific web page or downloaded a brochure. Once a pre-determined score is reached, prospects are followed up by the company's telemarketing team.

InfoVista is also boosting, expanding reach, improving engagement and maximizing campaign effectiveness with real-time insight into leads derived from social media channels. This includes the type and number of leads emanating from InfoVista blogs, LinkedIn, and the customer portal. Marketo gives InfoVista fast, seamless bi-directional integration to Salesforce CRM, allowing automated, measured, and sophisticated lead nurturing campaigns and lead scoring activities.