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  • Led to 10-fold increase in marketing campaigns volume
  • Helped drive revenue and boost business growth
  • Increased pipeline and introduced standard, consistent approach to marketing campaign management
  • Bridged divide between sales and marketing



itslearning is one of the world's leading learning platforms. Designed specifically for the educational sector, it supports students and teachers in all aspects of the learning process..Prior to using Marketo, the Norwegian company’s global marketing program management consisted of a disparate and fragmented assortment of spreadsheets, manual processes, and self-serviced mass email marketing applications campaigns. As a result, it was slow, time-consuming, and expensive to develop and execute each campaign. Moreover, the marketing team struggled to understand where leads were derived from and the overall return on each campaign was difficult to measure. This haphazard approach also undermined the relationship between marketing and sales teams, as leads were passed onto sales with minimal pre-qualification.



An avid user of Salesforce CRM, itslearning deployed a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated Marketo revenue performance management solution because it required a powerful, easy-to-use marketing program system which would dovetail with Salesforce CRM. itslearning uses the complete Marketo technology suite: Lead Management to automate and measure demand generation campaigns; Sales Insights to prioritize the most important leads; and Revenue Cycle Analytics to quickly and easily determine the success of existing campaigns—and build the findings into future campaigns.



Previously, itslearning where challenged to execute a few monthly campaigns globally; using the automated Marketo workflow, the company is now delivering —a minimum of 12 monthly global campaigns in addition to several customized and targeted local campaigns.This higher volume of qualified leads is increasing itslearning’s pipeline and the company enjoys a standard, consistent approach to marketing campaign management in the seven regions using Marketo. The divide between sales and marketing has been bridged too: itslearning’s sales teams appreciate the fact that marketing is delivering them qualified leads that can realistically drive revenue and boost business growth.