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James Allen, an online high-end retailer, offers diamond rings, coupled with the finest laboratory graded diamonds, all with exceptional value.

James Allen’s love of diamond jewelry compels this company to offer customers the best online shopping experience. Being an online luxury goods provider, James Allen must deliver a personalized and optimal user experience for their customers.

James Allen was looking to better understand their online audience and develop buyer personas by targeting these profiles with the right message and offer.



Using Marketo Real-Time Personalization, James Allen identifies anonymous online visitors and segments them according to a profile based on location and digital behavior.

James Allen set up several campaigns within Marketo’s Real-Time Personalization platform, capturing visitors that viewed different jewelry categories on their website (Gemstones, Engagement rings, Wedding rings, Men’s or Women’s rings) and also according to visitor’s country and the online behaviors.


Marketo Real-Time Personalization provides James Allen the opportunity to deliver their customers with world class professional service and a user experience matching the quality and style of their diamond products.

The results show a more positive user experience on the site, more conversions through the checkout process and more relevant content targeted to the right online visitor. Marketo Real-Time Personalization proved to be the diamond in the rough to achieving James Allen's goals in offering more value and relevancy to their online customers. 

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Screenshot of James Allen's Dialog box "Talk to a Diamond Expert" Campaign CTA


Screenshot of James Allen's "Free Shipping Offer to Australia" Campaign CTA