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  • 35% increase in opportunity close rate
  • 30% increase in sales-ready leads
  • Multi-lingual Marketing Automation solution with ability to ‘clone’ campaigns, boosting marketing productivity
  • Tangible results quickly and efficiently communicated to Executive Management
  • Visibility into how many touch points a prospect has with a specific campaign
  • Analytics tool and Opportunity Influencer feature help to define marketing KPIs
  • Visibility into how marketing campaigns are contributing to bottom line



KDS is a leading international provider of Travel & Expense (T&E) management systems for private and public sector organizations. By providing insight into process and spending, the company’s mission is to help organizations of all sizes proactively control and reduce their T&E costs.

With marketers under constant pressure to ensure investments are delivering optimal returns, marketing automation is rapidly becoming standard best practice for many organizations. Whilst KDS already had a marketing automation solution in place, it was proving to be increasingly difficult to use, did not support lead scoring on their email marketing activities and was not fit-for-purpose. In France, KDS was also struggling to find an alternative marketing solution that could support their native language.

“With increasing pressure from the Executive Management team to produce cheaper, sales-ready leads, one of my colleagues attended a Marketo conference in Paris. She was bowled over with what she heard and knew that Marketo was the right solution for us,” said Stan Berteloot, Marketing Director, KDS.



KDS migrated all data from its existing solution into Marketo, which seamlessly integrated with their Salesforce CRM. Both processes were straightforward, taking only a matter of weeks to deploy. With minimal training required, the Marketo implementation helped KDS to re-define its marketing processes, and start its lead scoring activities from scratch.

In particular, Marketo’s Batch Campaign functionality was invaluable to KDS, enabling the company to ensure the right data was in the right fields, based on the right variables, in order for the company to ‘run once and run now’ with email campaigns, improving efficiency, reducing manual marketing resource and boosting productivity.

“Marketo’s marketing automation platform allows us to develop marketing campaigns and events, create landing pages, as well as enabling us to track, score and nurture leads, quickly and accurately, with less manual effort,” said Berteloot. 



“What was incredible, is that with Marketo, we were able to quickly deliver an increase of 30% in sales-ready leads to our team of inside sales representatives, better quality leads which convert into increased sales, and that’s pretty tangible,” Berteloot added. “In the past, sales were tempted to jump on the phone as soon as someone filled in a form. Since adopting Marketo, we have learned that we need to wait and allow the prospect to go through the nurturing process and reach a certain score. We then find that the prospect is more educated and the sales call is made at the right time, when the prospect is ready and willing to talk. Sometimes the prospect is waiting for the call, which changes everything in a sales process.”

Marketo has enabled KDS to quickly and easily customize email-marketing campaigns in both French and English. Using standard features such as “clone”, a French campaign can quickly be rolled-out in English saving a considerable amount of marketing resources. Campaigns can now be up and running in a matter of hours, instead of days or even weeks.

“Marketo has boosted our opportunity close rate by 35% too due to the improved quality of leads were now passing to sales. It has enabled us to streamline the relationship between sales and marketing, improving the visibility into what marketing is doing,” said Berteloot. “The Sales Insight dashboard lets sales see all the touch points that prospects have had with specific marketing campaigns, which in turn, helps us relay and communicate results and activities with the Executive Management team.”

Using Marketo’s Reporting Analytics tool and the Opportunity Influencer feature, KDS is now working on defining its own marketing Key Performance Influencers (KPI’s).

“Since implementing Marketo, we have learned a lot about our own internal processes. We have been able to improve not only how our back-end systems work in terms of the database and integration with Marketo and Salesforce, but also the relationship between marketing and sales,” said Berteloot. “Marketo has been the catalyst to growth in volume and quality of sales leads, reduction of manual processes, and overall improvement in how we go about our day-to-day marketing activities.”