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  • Doubled marketing productivity, increasing number of campaigns by 100%
  • Reduced the time spent on generating email campaigns from a couple days to a couple hours; webinars and tradeshows from six weeks to a couple days
  • Integrated seamlessly with, eliminating frustration and costs associated with manual synching
  • Tracked progressions in the sales funnel in real time, increasing conversion rates
  • Seamlessly integrated webinar and tradeshow registration and follow-up with sophisticated API, expanding lead generation
  • Recycled asset content 6Xs to create dynamic niche-marketing campaigns



Founded in 1999, LeanLogistics is a leading provider of transportation management system applications and supply chain services enabled by the industry’s largest transportation network. LeanLogistics helps companies like The Dannon Company, Ace Hardware and Keystone Foods increase efficiencies in their supply chains and empowers shippers, carriers and other participating members to reduce costs, improve services and gain complete supply chain visibility. Previously, LeanLogistics used a legacy-based marketing automation platform, which required manual integration with Headquartered in the United States with three offices in Europe and one in Canada, LeanLogistics recognized that they needed an automated marketing solution that was going to take them to the next level of growth. When they looked at Marketo, they realized what they had been missing in terms of capabilities, customization, and value.



LeanLogistics appreciated that Marketo’s professional services took the time to understand their business and really worked through the advanced issues with them. As a result, their migration to Marketo was flawless, including a seamless integration with Within the first week, they were sending out campaigns for trade shows and webinars. Compared to their old system, Marketo’s ease of use is “night and day.” Email campaigns that previously had taken 2 to 3 days to assemble are now launched in 2 hours. Landing pages that were formerly created in a 1 inch-window are now approached through Marketo’s intuitive interface with easy cloning and customizable templates. Preparing for webinars and tradeshows now takes a day, instead of 6 weeks. LeanLogistics has greatly increased the number and quality of campaigns they’re sending and they can instantly see the effects of their work. With the “task” function, they can watch lead progression and increase conversion rates. By integrating Marketo with the API and using tokens, LeanLogistics now has all of its webinar and tradeshow registrants in one place, and they can follow communication and feedback around events in a way that they never could before. The upshot: LeanLogistics’ marketing team has created powerful synergies with both their sales and client services teams.


With Marketo, LeanLogistics is creating more leads in the top of the funnel and increasing the number of leads that convert. Marketo’s real time reports enable LeanLogistics marketing to show stakeholders how their decisions are impacting win rates and ultimately driving revenue. With solid metrics, LeanLogistics makes strategic decisions about how to use resources. For example, they’ve decided that they need to apply asset content 6 different ways to nurture leads and create webinars, blogs, case studies, and versatile email campaigns from the same cloned content. These efficiencies have allowed marketing to target different groups with specific content and to leverage niche-marketing. As a result, Leanlogistics has the agility to create comparative A/B testing campaigns to see exactly what’s working. Specific click-through rates on newsletters and other communications have given the marketing team deep insight into what customers want and how to meet those needs. Joy Martinez, LeanLogistics’ Marketing Programs Manager, says, “We’re able to have visibility and create standard reports that allow us to see leads we’re creating moving right through the funnel to win, and that really impacts the number of revenue dollars created.” LeanLogistics is pleased to have consolidated all their marketing channels in one place, and they know that Marketo’s professional services are committed to making sure they get the most from their revenue and sales analytics as they continue to grow their business. As Joy Martinez explains, “Marketo is not all about Marketo—they’re about marketing, and bringing marketing people together, and best practices.”