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Disruptive Lawyers drive results with Digital-First Approach 



"No law firm in Australia that I know of uses marketing automation. We wanted to push the boundaries for the industry and enhance the customer experience."  Anthony Lieu, Head of Marketing at LegalVision



  • Improve lead conversion through personalised campaigns

  • Automate and personalise customer engagements

  • Better engage clients and add ongoing value


From the very beginning, LegalVision has disrupted the legal space through its digital-first business model. Starting as a resource for business owners to download DIY legal documents without needing a lawyer, over several reinventions they’ve evolved into one of APAC’s fastest-growing commercial law firms. Based in Australia, they provide a different approach to the legal sector, helping SMEs, start-ups and corporates by operating primarily online.

Recently, LegalVision launched a membership model called LVConnect, offering unlimited legal consultations, free legal templates and faster turnarounds for subscribers. The new service is the first of its kind in Australia for a law firm, designed to give customers access to affordable, specialist legal advice.


A Heightened State of Marketing

With the implementation of Marketo Engage, LegalVision introduced a strategic approach to their marketing. With it, the firm was able to curate content and prompt engagement with leads in a more personalised manner, improving lead nurturing and conversions. The automation of their email marketing and structured approach helped Anthony upskill his team and develop a databased methodology to their programs and campaigns.

“Most firms will send a monthly email with the latest court case, written in a very austere style,” said Anthony. “We flipped this on its head, writing content in plain English and using Marketo Engage’s nurture feature to personalise each piece for the end-user.”

Marketo Engage, integrated with their CRM system, helped the marketing team hone their understanding of customer behaviour and map their journey to develop a series of personas at a micro-level. Now they can monitor every single touchpoint from clicking on a Google Ad to phone conversations with sales, and engagement with lawyers.

The evolution of the firm’s marketing strategy means they’ve developed an analytical focus, backed by the data insights delivered through Marketo Engage.

This includes introducing Net Promoter Scoring to gauge customer satisfaction and improve client interactions by identifying the right time to connect with leads through a phone call or email.


Understanding Customers Delivers New Business

This is facilitated further through LaunchPoint’s ecosystem of third-party providers, helping LegalVision improve lead capturing and scoring. By analysing customer interactions across all touchpoints, leads can be assessed for their legal needs based on what content they read, then scored, and passed on to sales (once meeting the threshold) so the right person can reach them at the most opportune moment.

"Marketo Engage contains all the info we need to leverage all the features for relevant teams across the business — not just marketing — so the right person can reach out at the right time. This means we’re meeting customers in a more relevant and helpful way." - Anthony Lieu, Head of Marketing at LegalVision

The approach helped LegalVision enjoy a 44% improvement in their click-through rates, along with a 477% increase in marketable contacts through their custom CRM integration. As a result of bringing strategy and execution in-house, they’ve saved $100,000 in external agency costs. And the ability to improve customer segmentation and personalisation has driven 15,000 new prospects through landing pages built with Marketo Engage.