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Live group drives digital marketing success by integrating Marketo and Salesforce data 


Live group was established in 2006 to provide electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS) to the taxi industry. Today, the company is one of Australia’s leading payment service providers. 

Digital marketing manager Sam Edmond recalls that the company’s rapid growth was making it increasingly difficult for the two-person digital marketing team to manage marketing messages effectively across five distinct brands. To keep up with growth, the team needed to automate marketing processes and improve the quality of lead data. The solution: Marketo.


  • Empower a lean marketing team to manage campaigns across five brands in a fast-growing enterprise.
  • Synchronise lead, contact and campaign data between marketing to improve visibility into the lead funnel.
  • Improve the integrity of lead source data to help identify the channels that are most effective in generating leads.

“With Marketo, our data is no longer fragmented and scattered, so we can segment and target various lead groups far more effectively.” Sam Edmond - Digital Marketing Manager, Live group

Five brands, one digital marketing solution

Live group uses Marketo to promote all five of its brands: Live taxi payment solutions and value-added services for the Australian taxi industry; Live eftpos payment solutions and services for SMEs; Live capital, a lead referral service that matches small business owners with loan providers; Live insure, a business insurance comparison and acquisition service; and the Glide taxi transport solution for helping business travelers book taxis and track taxi expenditures.

Marketing generates fresh leads through paid social ads, Google ads and Live group marketing campaigns. The sales team feeds lead and customer data into Salesforce, which flows automatically into Marketo. Marketing then combines the lead and customer data to target people with relevant offers, including cross-sell campaigns that introduce contacts to complementary products across brands.


Currently the team is focusing Marketo on three areas:

  • Creating 10 to 12 point-in-time campaigns each month to exploit identified market opportunities
  • Building automated email and SMS campaigns that trigger messages based on lead and customer activity
  • Running basic yet highly effective nurture campaigns that incorporate automated email and SMS sends

Fast funding through real-time lead flow

Sam reports that Marketo Webhooks have been integral to successfully marketing Live capital. Marketo captures lead data from small business owners and using round-robin and other criteria, delivers high-quality leads in real time to Live group’s network of loan provider partners. Partners’ salespeople typically contact a lead in less than five minutes, ensuring a high-quality customer experience. The majority of customers obtain funding within 24 hours.

“The ability to manage lead flow in real time has allowed us to onboard more partners, so we’ve been able to grow the Live capital business at a rapid rate,” Sam says. “We expect that business to grow 200% in the next fiscal year. In addition, the two-way API has given us faster access to partner data. That data improves our lead flow process and provides feedback into our campaigns so we can optimise ROI.”

Leveraging success

In the year since installing Marketo, Live group’s total business has grown by about 24%. The company expects Live eftpos and Live capital to grow 200% or more in the next fiscal year. Marketo is empowering Live group to constantly enhance its marketing efforts to help drive that growth.

“The Marketo team has guided us through the learning process and helped us gain a deep understanding of marketing automation and data management. In the year ahead, we plan to build on our successes and enhance the level of sophistication of our Marketo-driven campaigns. We also intend to leverage Marketo to improve our end-to-end reporting and revenue attribution, which will help us maximise return on marketing spend.”