• Lead scoring system delivers regular quality leads to sales through marketing campaigns across multiple channels
  • Ability to quickly define and respond to Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce means leads are assigned directly to relevant sales people
  • Visibility into how email campaigns are contributing to bottom line
  • Metrics and analytics improve decisions on future campaigns
  • Enhanced productivity improves lead nurturing



Misys is at the forefront of the financial software industry, providing the broadest portfolio of banking, treasury, trading and risk solutions available on the market. Used by some of the world’s leading global financial institutions and with 1,800 customers in 120 countries, the company’s team of domain experts and partners has an unparalleled ability to address industry requirements at both a global and local level.

Competitive advantage is everything in business, and especially so in the fast-paced world of finance. Misys, who were bought out by a private equity company and merged with Turaz in 2012, prides itself on its portfolio of leading-edge solutions.  With a merger, however, comes the inevitable task of amalgamating and defining new business processes and protocols, ensuring the smooth running and alignment of the business. 



In June 2012, Misys standardised on Marketo’s marketing automation platform to gain better visibility into overall sales and marketing effectiveness, and enhance the execution of its campaigns.  Misys had already merged disparate Salesforce systems as a result of the merger, which integrated seamlessly with Marketo.

“When I started working for Misys, I was tasked with project managing the Marketo implementation,” says Carrie Raynham, Campaign Marketing Manager Europe for Misys. “The solution was in place at Turaz before the merger and my colleagues that had used the tool there had been impressed with its feature rich functionality. We wanted to make sure we were using it in accordance with best practice and in a way that worked for the newly merged business, so we started from scratch as a new entity. From the outset, we needed to define and put in place our processes, identify what Marketo could do, and make sure we were interfacing with the wider business.

Marketoallows Misys to develop more sophisticated marketing campaigns and events, create landing pages, track, score and nurture leads, quickly and accurately, with less manual effort.

Whilst Misys has yet to deploy all of Marketo’s rich functionality, Misys utilise the lead-scoring feature in tandem with lead nurturing. This enables the company to identify when an individual responds to a campaign and automatically notifies the relevant sales representative in the right territory to respond. This response is dependent on the level of interest or score and nature of the interaction.

“The Marketo sync with Salesforce allowed us to see campaign metrics through SFDC reports that we hadn’t been able to record before, and identified potential sales opportunities that were not being adequately followed up,” added Carrie. “Metrics are linked to all compensation plans in Misys, so it’s paramount we had full visibility on what was working and what wasn’t.”


“Marketo has helped align marketing within the business and gives us more strategic clout as a department through hard numbers, accountability and analytics. It has enabled us to be truly transparent, empowering us to decline certain marketing activities or suggested campaigns in favour of others that we know will work better. Marketo has also enabled us to deliver our campaigns across multiple channels – with the use of infographics and webinars, for example. Regardless of the delivery channel, we now have the ability to track leads down the funnel, and access the number of MQLs generated, which we couldn’t do before.”

Currently, Misys runs a number of different marketing campaigns per month, focusing on their own company summits and industry events with a view to increasing the number of automated behavioural campaigns they run in addition as their learning curve accelerates. The enhanced productivity enables the team to improve lead nurturing, while improving customer and internal communications. Marketo allows the marketing team to track campaign conversion rates, quickly determine the ROI on individual programmes, and ultimately, drive revenue.

“We continue to learn new processes and are gaining significant value as we understand more about what can be achieved with Marketo. This is just the tip of the iceberg for us and we’re looking forward to continuing to work with Marketo as we improve our performance as a marketing team,” concluded Carrie.