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  • Helped increase revenue in UK operation by 180% in 2014
  • Provided unprecedented insight into best leads and opportunities
  • Nurtured leads through the process of choosing Mynewsdesk
  • Eliminated gap between sales and marketing, creating unified, collaborative and effective selling environment



Mynewsdesk is the world’s leading all-in-one newsroom and multimedia PR platform, helping brands to publish and distribute content, achieve greater visibility across search engines and social media, connect with key influencers and tell their stories. The company, which works with brands as diverse as Costa Coffee, Allianz, Volkswagen and UNICEF, is looking to accelerate customer engagement and grow their customer base. MyNewsDesk required an easy-to-use, sophisticated tool for its marketing and sales professionals to find, build, sustain and develop customer relationships. The solution also needed to offer real-time, localised communication across channels, from search engine marketing, to social and mobile.



Mynewsdesk has deployed Marketo to help automate their end-to-end process of lead generation, marketing management and measurement of individual campaigns. Marketo’s best-in-class solution for marketing specifically supports Mynewsdesk’s cross-regional, multi-lingual lead acquisition campaigns, the creation and management of landing pages, lead nurturing and scoring. Native integration with Salesforce means the company’s sales teams can add a lead or contact in either the CRM platform or Marketo, with both systems synchronized. Sales can also quickly turn intelligence into action by sending emails or entire campaigns directly within Salesforce. The analytics derived from Marketo are used by Mynewsdesk to improve the effectiveness of each marketing program and can allocate subsequent marketing spend to the highest performing communications channels.



Marketo has played a key role in helping MynewsDesk increase revenues in its UK operation by 180% in one year—a feat that the company hopes will be repeated in other territories as Marketo is rolled out. Significantly, Marketo is also transforming the relationship between Sales and Marketing, eliminating the gap between teams and introducing a unified, collaborative team environment. Sales, for example, can now engage targeted individuals across the world with relevant content and personalized messaging. In addition, Marketo is changing the way Mynewsdesk thinks about marketing, introducing a framework for formalised generating leads, granular nurturing, converting opportunities and identifying the revenue each lead ultimately delivers.