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  • Real-time visibility into all prospect engagement and events
  • Automated nurturing of qualified prospects not yet ready to buy
  • Prioritized lead follow-up based on prospect behavior
  • Increased engagement and lead generation with Marketo RTP recommendation engine
  • 16% increase in content consumption in RTP campaigns
  • Visitors exposed to personalized content showed 763% increase in visit duration and 294% increase in pages per visit
  • Tracked over 2,000 site visitors from Fortune 1,000 companies



Serena Software, the largest independent Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) vendor, lacked a solution to help them identify high-quality leads and deliver them to their sales team. Because of that, there was tension between the sales and marketing teams. Serena Software also needed to segment their prospects to provide focused ongoing nurturing efforts until leads were ready to buy. With the company’s long sales cycle, Serena needed to find a solution to enable sales and marketing to work together seamlessly in order to both expand sales penetration beyond the installed base and to efficiently manage all leads throughout the entire pipeline.



Following an evaluation of several marketing automation products, Serena Software recognized that, given its industry leadership and extensive user community, Marketo was the best choice for them. Despite high expectations from the sales force, the implementation was completed in just eleven weeks and with only three Serena Software staff. The team not only implemented Marketo with seamless integration but also migrated 150 existing campaigns from the old marketing automation system. Implemented across their 100-person global sales force, Marketo has exceeded Serena Software’s expectations for providing pipeline visibility and the ability to proactively engage prospects. With Marketo RTP, Serena’s website can now present targeted messaging based on the individual visitor, ensuring that each prospect sees the most relevant content.



With Marketo, sales has real-time visibility into every prospect engagement and event. Leads are prioritized based on prospect behavior so that sales can pursue the hottest leads first. Marketo RTP enables Serena Software to have personalized engagement with prospects, increasing customer engagement. Serena has 5 real-time personalization campaigns running with great results. With content displayed in the real-time campaigns, visitors now consume 16% more content on the Serena site. Visitors who were presented with personalized content stay on the site 763% longer and visit 294% more pages. With RTP, Serena has identified 2,000 unique site visitors from Fortune 1,000 companies.

Marketo also enables the sales force to take advantage of automated nurturing campaigns and get instant feedback when prospects engage through a nurturing offer. With Marketo, Serena has the information to plan, track and analyze opportunities and collaborate with sales to provide timely and appropriate communication with their prospects in one place. By eliminating the time-consuming contact merging process, Serena has improved marketing productivity.