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ROI in 3 months


Number of sales-ready leads


Campaign management burden by 80%


Before introducing Marketo, ShipServ faced a challenge of flexibility and scale. The leading e-marketplace for maritime shipping, ShipServ is relatively small – 120 employees – but its sphere of opportunity covers the globe. With a small marketing staff and a limited budget, ShipServ needed a solution that could adequately address the needs of a large market without taxing the company’s limited resources.


Marketo provided ShipServ with a cost-effective and easy-to-use B2B marketing automation solution. Marketo Lead Management helped the company by eliminating manual processes, automating demand generation and lead management, and prioritizing and qualifying sales-ready leads. ShipServ’s marketing and sales teams collaborated to implement a sophisticated lead scoring framework for two distinct sales teams – high volume telesales and longer-term, high value direct sales – which allowed the company to be more efficient and nimble in its marketing campaigns.


By using Marketo, ShipServ’s marketing team is driving 275% more opportunities from the same lead generation budget and 1,600 net-new qualified opportunities per year. ShipServ has reduced its campaign management burden by 80% while boosting the number of sales-ready leads, which in one campaign increased by 400%. And because Marketo eliminated manual processes, the marketing team was able to focus on more strategic and creative initiatives, including a social media engagement campaign. Finally, ShipServ achieved 100% marketing ROI in three months.