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Marketo has fundamentally improved teamwork between our marketing and sales teams. We can now provide sales with actionable insight about customer behavior.

sliderocket photo of nat robinson vice president of marketing and business development Nat Robinson
Vice President of Marketing and Business Development


  • Improved marketing and sales collaboration
  • Increased lead knowledge and more actionable insight
  • More flexible campaign management at a reduced cost



SlideRocket, a leader in online presentation software, is an overachieving Silicon Valley startup company. With a limited budget and a small marketing team, SlideRocket needed to consolidate and segment its email marketing campaigns and increase the quantity and quality of its landing pages. Before Marketo, SlideRocket’s email marketing program was not integrated with the rest of its systems. SlideRocket needed a solution that would automate manual tasks, consolidate lead information and reduce marketing spend.



SlideRocket selected Marketo Lead Management for its ease of use, tight integration with Salesforce, and “impeccable” customer service. Today, SlideRocket uses Marketo to run email-marketing campaigns and send out its monthly newsletter. From the same lead management system, its marketing team now has the power and flexibility to build landing pages, capture lead information, score leads based on activity, and quickly create campaigns for a segmented audience.



With Marketo, SlideRocket has significantly reduced its campaign management burden and cost per landing page. In less than four months, SlideRocket has dramatically improved its relationship between marketing and sales. More actionable data, derived from an automated lead management system, ensures that sales reps receive high quality, prioritized leads and that marketing and sales play an equal and integral role in the revenue equation. The start-up business can now achieve the same high impact marketing results as a much larger company.