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  • Tripled lead volume
  • Process over 30,000 leads per quarter
  • Integrated marketing operations from 3 separate operating entities into one workflow and one company approach
  • Implemented marketing automation with two new acquisitions
  • Grew gross annual revenue nearly four-fold in two years.



SmartBear Software’s fans include all who care about the quality of software in the production and deployment life cycle. Their “killer apps” are considered indispensable for building, testing and monitoring applications for desktop, mobile or cloud. After recently acquiring two companies, SmartBear found they were using three disparate marketing approaches, including a home-grown CRM and a number of other email-campaign tools. They were also working with four different sales teams, which needed to track a multitude of different free trial downloads.



SmartBear wanted a scalable solution for future growth and needed an automated marketing platform that was simple to use, yet sophisticated enough to leverage complex APIs. They evaluated all of the top marketing automation systems and selected Marketo. Within two weeks, SmartBear’s marketing team labeled themselves as “Marketo Ninjas,” who were slicing and dicing lead metrics with Marketo’s Lead Management and Sales Insight Solutions. SmartBear leveraged the SOAP API integration in many ways. First, they thoroughly integrated Marketo into their content management system. They created five distinctive process registration servers for trial downloads off a number of different URLs. Next they incorporated Marketo forms for gated assets and landing pages, streamlining registration for white papers, webinars and other cool offerings like Wistia videos. With integration as a top priority, SmartBear integrated Marketo into its internal systems, including license servers, GoToWebinar, Reachforce integration, Leadspend, and Fresh Address. In addition, they built Marketo’s munchkin code into their websites to track what catches a prospect’s interest—whether it’s product descriptions or pricing. By implementing a seamless SOAP API assimilation of their CRM with Marketo and, SmartBear had its four sales teams assessing a full pipeline of lead data effectively and systematically.



With Marketo, SmartBear unified its marketing automation across its existing fronts and two new acquisitions – unifying the companies’ approach and reporting. As a result, they tripled lead volume, creating at least 30,000 leads per quarter. Over 80 percent of those leads are generated globally by Marketo trial downloads, and an amazing85 percent of SmartBear’s revenue is generated by these global leads. Having rocketed annual revenue by doubling it each of the past two years, SmartBear’s leadership clearly knows good software and how to make good decisions. SmartBear today boasts the world’s largest free-to-try software testing solutions with more that 5 million registrations serving over 1 million developers. Marketo is thrilled to have contributed to SmartBear’s success.