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  • Analytics, software services and consulting company uses Marketo to industrialise the end-to-end marketing campaign process
  • Tessella subsidiary Preservica grows pipeline five-fold using Marketo
  • Campaigns that used to take days and weeks to develop can now be executed in less than one hour
  • Marketing automation enables Tessella to devote more time to meeting customers’ needs—not configuring campaigns



Tessella was struggling to make the most of marketing. The UK-based international analytics, software services and consulting company was executing a series of outbound email campaigns and webinars; however, the process was slow, manual and absorbed a significant degree of resources. For example, it took days of people’s time to identify target lists, pull these lists from different sources and databases, process and clean the data. Post-event, resources were also needed to examine the responses to determine whether they required a follow-up email, send out follow up emails after an event and determine the success of the campaign.

Indeed, the marketing management process was so labor-intensive, it deterred Tessella from executing regular multichannel marketing campaigns—and from delivering them in the way the company wanted. Running a webinar series, for example, was effectively a full-time job.



In order to effectively target prospects for Tessella’s solutions (and Preservica, a subsidiary providing cloud-based service to safeguard digital assets), the company turned to Marketo. Research revealed that Marketo was the industry-leading marketing automation solution, proven in the marketplace and easy to use. It was also ideally suited to a small and medium-size business (SMB) like Tessella, allowing the company to be up and running extremely quickly.

Today, Tessella and Preservica rely on Marketo to quickly launch targeted campaigns with lead-scoring, lead-nurturing and advanced workflow automation. The two companies use it to drive real-time interactions with targeted individuals (in healthcare, oil and gas, utilities, aerospace and other verticals) through dynamically generated, personalized communications across email and the Internet. Crucially, Marketo is also used to measure and prove the success of each marketing campaign investment. This in turn is used to adapt each subsequent campaign, so it builds on the success of the first.



Since implementing Marketo, the Preservica business has grown its sales pipeline by a factor of five. The company is able to execute significantly more campaigns and create a greater sense of customer engagement. The repeatability has also transformed productivity: campaigns that used to take days and weeks to develop can now be executed in less than one hour. Marketo is proving so easy to use that the pool of people available to develop campaigns is broader too.

Marketo also enables Tessella to industrialise its end-to-end marketing campaign process, allowing the SMB to compete against far larger competitors. And by automating the marketing processes, Tessella can focus more time and effort on meeting customers’ needs—not configuring campaigns.