• Integrated lead sources and increased marketing pipeline 70%
  • Increased reach 15 to 20% depending on product line
  • Decreased campaign set-up time by 60%
  • Integrated on-premise applications and cloud-based systems for streamlined lead generation and nurturing
  • Improved visibility into the sales cycle



TIBCO Software Inc. is a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software. Its platform allows companies to integrate and capture crucial information at precisely the right time and act on it proactively to gain a competitive advantage. It gives users the capability to optimize inventory, cross-sell products, or avert crises before they happen. TIBCO has a wide range of innovative products and services to help their partners meet strategic goals.

Before Marketo, it was taking too much time—up to 3 days—to setup email campaigns. Leads from its software trial download website were stored in a siloed system. Customer information was spread between TIBCO’s existing lead management tool, Oracle e-Business Suite, and Salesforce.  Consolidating marketing leads between these disparate systems was a manual process. The marketing team was not able to clone past content, track email response, report easily and quickly on open rates and other metrics, score leads, or automate interactions between marketing and inside sales. Marketers had to actually go into each lead’s profile in the CRM system to find out if a prospect had opened an email or clicked on information. This resulted in lost opportunities and sales.

Further, TIBCO wanted to enhance and automate its lead nurturing procedures so each prospect heard a cohesive business narrative as they progressed through the marketing funnel. The company also wanted to automate lead qualification.


Marketo’s engagement marketing platform was appealing because it helps create personal relationships with customers. But to get the most value out of Marketo, TIBCO used ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks and TIBCO Connectors to integrate the various on-premise applications and cloud-based systems, providing a common integration layer between all systems. 



With Marketo and TIBCO integration tools, the company is gaining insights from customer  feedback and website visits. It’s using this information to create campaigns to reach highly targeted audiences with relevant, personalized content. With leads from its CRM system fully integrated, TIBCO is now better able to manage campaigns and automate lead qualification and nurturing. Marketo lets TIBCO identify prospect behavior to enable more personalized marketing touches.

Marketo’s detailed reports for each stage of each email campaign supply all the necessary lead information. With the capability to send more targeted emails with content that prospects want to read, TIBCO’s reach increased by 20% for some audiences. Because content from earlier campaigns can be repurposed, Marketo has enabled the marketing department to decrease set-up time by 60%.

“We will continue to improve our marketing by gaining better visibility into our leads’ actions and needs,” said Thomas Been, Vice President of Product Marketing at TIBCO Software. “Our partnership with Marketo included our building robust data connectors that make it easy for any company to integrate more of their lead information and significantly improve lead qualification and nurturing processes.”