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Reduction in external agency costs

Trimble consolidates marketing technology and saves $500K in martech spend with Marketo





Public- and private-sector organizations around the world are improving productivity, quality, safety, and sustainability with innovative technologies from Trimble Inc. Customers leverage Trimble positioning, modeling, connectivity, and data analytics technologies in a variety of ways: building and maintaining roads and other civil infrastructure faster and more affordably; constructing and operating higher-quality residential and commercial buildings at a lower cost; and producing and distributing energy, water, and other natural resources quickly and safely while improving compliance.

Tricia Saunders is the Director of Marketing Operations and technology for the Trimble’s Integrated Marketing Strategies team. This global shared services organization supports nearly 250 marketers across dozens of divisions within the company’s Geospatial, Civil Engineering and Construction (CEC), and Building businesses.

Tricia’s team is at the center of a transformative effort aimed at driving operational excellence across the enterprise. To that end, the team eliminated 15 disparate marketing tools and standardized on Marketo Engage. With Marketo as a common platform, the team is better able to collaborate with division-based marketers to enhance their effectiveness, dramatically improve the customer experience, and slash software costs as well as spending for external agency services.


•  Adopt a unified marketing automation platform across three of Trimble’s major franchises

•  Help divisions leverage Marketo to create drip campaigns, complex nurture campaigns, full-circle operational programs, lead-scoring models, lead lifecycles, and personas

•  Capture every customer engagement and share it through Salesforce and other CRMs to drive conversions and revenue


A single platform serves multiple marketing needs and skill sets

One of the primary reasons Trimble chose Marketo is that the solution supports the wide range of marketing needs and skill sets within the company. In the past, some divisions did only minimal digital marketing—perhaps a quarterly email blast to the customer base. Other divisions were at the forefront of marketing automation, running highly segmented, multistream nurture campaigns with a dozen or more diverse audiences. According to Tricia, Marketo is the only platform that people on both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between can use.

“People who have done mostly batch and blast are getting email campaigns running easily in Marketo,” Tricia explains. “Over time they are increasing their skills and learning to reach customers more effectively with segmentation, personalization, and nurturing. The more advanced teams are ramping up the sophistication of their campaigns, improving lead lifecycle management, and focusing on the full customer experience."

A single campaign creation serves multiple audiences

One of Tricia’s team members has created templates for critical programs, such as welcome, return to nurture, re-engagement, and has made them available globally through a template library. The templates ensure compliance with best practices and accelerate campaign creation for divisional marketing teams. Using cloning, these teams can effortlessly put together a campaign, adapt it for their audiences, and execute it with confidence.

“What’s amazing is that the divisions take these campaigns and run with them on their own,” Tricia notes. “It builds their confidence and the next thing they are telling us is, ‘We don’t want to stop there. We want to do more—like splitting our audience and tailoring the story based on segments.’ And from a cost-efficiency standpoint, cloning means we can pay one person to create the campaigns and everyone else benefits from them. It’s hard to put a number on it, but it’s saving us thousands and thousands of hours.” 


Increased self-reliance slashes agency costs

As divisional teams develop expertise in building and executing Marketo campaigns, they are reducing their reliance on external agencies. Divisions now take a joint-delivery approach that involves getting agency assistance to, for example, develop an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. But the divisions no longer have to turn to the agency to build and execute the campaigns. As a result, Trimble has reduced external agency costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Trimble is reallocating those dollars to develop stronger inbound strategies and increase digital spend.

“It’s a winning strategy for us,” Tricia concludes. “We give our divisions best practices, knowledge, and programs to clone. They have better tools and more dollars to put toward bringing in new audiences and increasing conversion rates. The influx of net new business drives more revenue. And with a single platform across the company, we will soon be able to roll up all the numbers and show how much more revenue marketing is generating and how much money we are saving the company.”

Initial success is just the beginning

Tricia notes that she and her team have already made major strides with their transformation. But, she adds that they are just getting started. They plan to take advantage of Marketo’s rich feature set and extensive integrations with other marketing tools to further streamline and automate marketing efforts and increase revenue. One example is an active project aimed at connecting Zapier, an application integration tool, with Marketo to facilitate data sharing across Marketo instances. Currently, sharing customer and lead data is a manual, time-consuming task.

Integration through Zapier will automate data sharing, reducing costs and creating new revenue streams as a result of upsell and cross sell opportunities across divisions.