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  • 10,000+ impressions on personalized content in last 3 months
  • Identified over 70% of Tufin’s key targeted accounts
  • Improved sales and marketing alignment around target accounts
  • Average time on site up 103% for those who engaged with RTP
  • Personalized RTP campaigns generate up to 50% engagement



Tufin® is the leader in Security Policy Orchestration, automating and accelerating network infrastructure changes while maintaining security and compliance. With their focus on prospects from key industry verticals, Tufin was seeking a solution to target their key accounts by region and help engage prospects with relevant, personalized content in order to generate more sales qualified leads. To successfully improve online engagement with potential customers, Tufin recognized the need for a solution that enabled them to segment prospects and personalize content based on firmographics, such as company name, and industry, and also based on actual prospect behavior. Only Marketo RTP had the capability to do both.


With Marketo Real-Time Personalization (RTP), Tufin can easily run campaigns to promote regional events, conferences, tradeshows as well as live and on-demand webinar registrations, all based on a prospect’s location. RTP also enables segmentation of prospects by vertical—education, government, finance, etc—so that Tufin can present targeted messaging based on industry, ensuring that each prospect sees the most relevant content.

Tufin recently executed a real-time campaign to test four different pieces of content related to the financial services industry in order to determine what content prospects viewed most. This segmented A/B test enabled Tufin to select the best-performing content for that industry.

With the success of the vertical campaign targeting the financial industry, Tufin plans to leverage this format for other verticals which includes defining these segments, measuring their potential and mapping the most relevant content pieces per vertical.



In their first RTP campaign, targeted to the financial services vertical, Tufin saw a 50% engagement rate in a single day. Overall, average in engagement for time spent on site increased 36% and 103% for those visitors who engaged with personalized content. Since implementing RTP, Tufin has been able to identify a high percentage, over 70%, of their key targeted accounts over three months and there have been more than 10,000 impressions on personalized content in same period. RTP has also helped align the sales and marketing organizations at Tufin by providing sales with immediate and actionable insight based on marketing campaigns.