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Pre-arrival activity booking

Turtle Bay Resort leverages Marketo to attract more guests and deliver a richer guest experience 



Nurture program gives guests key information on events and activities so they can plan their schedules before they arrive- giving them more time to enjoy the Turtle Bay experience. 

Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s North Shore in Hawaii offers guests a unique experience that includes an ocean view from every room, miles of seaside walking trails, exceptional dining, relaxing spa treatments, and a never-ending range of activities—from surfing, yoga, and golf to hula lessons, helicopter adventures, and horseback riding. Ginger Oswald, the resort’s Customer Relationship Marketing Manager, is responsible for building strong relationships with prospective and returning guests. To get the job done, Ginger relies on Marketo to engage people via email, providing content that is both interesting and fun and that keeps Turtle Bay top of mind as people plan their vacations. 


  • Engage guests with email targeted to where they are in the buying cycle
  • Improve the guest experience by enabling people to book events/activities before they arrive
  • Increase staff productivity by enabling guests to book events/activities online 

“We’re now segmenting guests based on where they are in the buying cycle. Our campaigns focus on acquisition, nurturing repeat guests, and engaging with people who have already booked their vacations. For that last category, we’ve developed a campaign that entices people to visit our website and find content that helps them plan a richer, more adventurous vacation.” 


Taking Charge for More Effective Marketing 

People don’t vacation every day and they don’t decide where to vacation in an instant. So for resorts like Turtle Bay, being top of mind when people are planning their vacation is crucial. In the past, Turtle Bay outsourced its marketing to an agency. Because the agency also handled other vacation properties, Ginger and her team were competing for the agency’s limited resources. The Turtle Bay marketing team implemented Marketo and now marketers can communicate the uniqueness of Turtle Bay in an engaging way and raise awareness of the many activities and events available to guests. The result is increased bookings, a more satisfying guest experience, and increased staff effectiveness.



Making the Most of Vacation Time

Previously, most guests booked events and activities in person at the Turtle Bay Guidepost, where guides help guests choose from the expansive list of experiences. Guides then entered reservations in the activity booking system. Recently, marketing implemented a system that enables guests to book events and activities online before they arrive. The team created a Marketo email campaign that invites guests to explore their options. A link in each message routes guests to a Marketo landing page that offers details along with a convenient link for signing up and paying for activities and events.

“About 20% of activity bookings now happen before guests arrive. Guests love it because they can focus on having fun while they’re here instead of searching out and booking activities. The results are gratifying, with email open rates between 65% and 70% and conversion rates of 3%. From a business standpoint, our guides spend less time booking activities and more time helping guests get more out of activities. Additionally, we’re finding that the fall-off rate for requested versus consumed activities has dropped substantially.”