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UCMS Group EMEA Limited

Thanks to Marketo, we are now able to identify and convert leads in a timely manner through intelligent lead nurturing, lead scoring, and best in class marketing automation processes. We have a very efficient and scalable marketing organisation, highly independent from IT and website developers, and people have fun working with Marketo tools.

ucms group emea limited photo of piotr macieja vp sales marketing Piotr Macieja
VP Sales & Marketing
UCMS Group EMEA Limited


  • Marketo selected over competitive solution based on ease of use and ease of learning.
  • Marketing automation solution deployed and integrated with Sugar CRM in just a few weeks.
  • Introduced best-in-class, unified lead generation, lead scoring, lead nurturing, sales insight and social marketing to drive better revenue performance.
  • Provided complete shared history of each lead, including lead source, response to previous campaigns, and buying interest for greater visibility and customer insight.
  • Lowered time to create new nurturing and AdWords campaigns to as little as 20 minutes.
  • Integrated social marketing data from blogspots for comprehensive marketing campaign analysis.



UCMS Group provides payroll, human resources (HR) administration, and accounting services through its own offices in Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, and the Ukraine. It also delivers multi-country services in more than 25 markets across Europe. With 380 employees, UCMS Group processes more than 93,000 payroll slips every month on behalf of its 690 customers (data as of September 2012). The company's target customers are predominantly multinational and global corporations doing business in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as midsized and large local companies.

Until recently, UCMS Group's new business marketing campaigns were produced using an assortment of fragmented tools and techniques, including Microsoft Office, telemarketing, and direct mail. This fractured approach to campaign management denied the company a timely, unified view of the sales pipeline, with sales people across Central and Eastern Europe often chasing redundant, cold, or otherwise irrelevant sales leads.



Marketo's marketing automation solution was piloted for three months against a competitive tool to help transform UCMS Group's approach to marketing campaign management; the goal being to segment lists, warm up leads with a series of customised emails, and trigger personalised messages based on a prospect's interests and behaviour. In UCMS Group's opinion, Marketo was easier to use and to learn, and the company's rapid growth and leadership in the marketing automation market offered UCMS Group the confidence that it was partnering with a mature and experienced company. Now live for ten months, Marketo provides the UCMS Group marketing team across multiple countries in Central and Eastern Europe with a complete approach to marketing automation—all seamlessly integrated with UCMS Group's existing Sugar CRM platform.

The best-in-class solution incorporates lead generation, lead scoring, lead nurturing, sales insight and, shortly, social marketing. Among a range of automated nurturing campaigns, for example, a tightly targeted list of subscribers receive a monthly UCMS Group newsletter, summarising all recent blog activity, with subscriber lists being drawn from landing pages, the call to action on the UCMS website, and the blog site.



Working closely with Marketo Customer Enablement, Support, and Education, UCMS Group deployed and integrated the hosted Marketo's marketing automation solution across all of its Central and Eastern Europe markets in only a few weeks. After a period of nurturing and scoring, qualified leads are passed immediately to sales people for follow up.

By standardising on Marketo, UCMS Group has become more process-oriented, with, for example, a complete history of each lead being visible to everyone, including the lead source, their response to previous campaigns, and their buying interest. Processes like these have freed up valuable time among the marketing team to develop new services, including Google AdWords campaigns and optimised landing pages, which now can be created and launched in just 20 minutes.

The social marketing functionality is in its embryonic stages, although UCMS Group will soon integrate all LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter social feeds from the blog spots into its marketing activity. Looking ahead, UCMS will build on the use of Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics to provide executives with powerful ROI proof points and accurate forecasts without spending hours assembling data and tweaking reports.