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UGallery increases orders of original, one-of-a kind artwork by 30% with Marketo. 



Authentic, personalized communication with customers and artists strengthens engagement and drives up email conversion rates and email sales and revenue. 

UGallery, an online, curated art gallery, has been shaking up the art industry for more than ten years. This ecommerce website sells original, one-of-a-kind artwork by more than 500 artists from around the world—offering today’s top emerging and mid-career artists a place to showcase and sell their work and providing art lovers with access to affordable art. According to President and Cofounder Stephen Tanenbaum, UGallery’s success depends on meeting the needs of two diverse audiences: artists and customers. The company recently implemented Marketo to facilitate communication with both audiences, making email messages highly personal, controlled, and engaging. The marketing team selected Marketo not only for its segmentation and analytics capabilities but also for its ability to serve as a platform for orchestrating end-to-end marketing engagement. 


  • Increase sales by driving engagement with new and long-time customers
  • Communicate with artists in a consistent and upbeat way
  • Create a direct connection between customers and artists 



Keeping customers happy 

Buying unique, one-of-a-kind artwork is not a decision people make lightly. UGallery’s average order value is $1,250, which makes it a considered purchase with a longer sales cycle than, for example, buying books or office supplies online. According to Stephen, UGallery must clearly demonstrate to buyers that the company is committed to earning their trust and their business before they “pull the trigger and purchase a piece of artwork.”

With Marketo, the marketing team can communicate with customers via email in a simple and manageable way, telling them the UGallery story, introducing them to the artists the company represents, and explaining what to expect once they purchase a piece of artwork. Marketo email templates made it simple for the team to optimize email for mobile users who now account for 40% of visits to UGallery. The results are impressive. In the first five months after implementation, the open rate rose 18%, click-through rates are up 11%, sales via email is up 47%, and the email conversion rate has risen 85%. Moreover, the company experienced a 30% increase in orders. 

“In the past, we had no way of measuring how well our campaigns were engaging customers, nor did we have a way to segment communications. When new prospects registered on our site, they received the same email messages as our long-time customers. With Marketo, we can segment customers and make the most of the messages we send. We can target new customers with nurture campaigns and we can identify VIP customers who exceed a certain order value and target them for special offers. The VIP campaign we ran over the last holiday season drove a 50% increase in business over the previous year.” 



Keeping artists happy 

Communicating with customers is only part of the story. UGallery must also communicate effectively with artists, building on the trust built at the time the artist signs on with the company and demonstrating that UGallery is constantly working on the artists’ behalf. With Marketo, UGallery can ensure that artists receive emails by monitoring the email open rate and engagement. If an artist doesn’t open an important announcement, marketers can resend it. 

With Marketo, marketers can communicate consistently and effectively with all of artists. They can inform artists about new capabilities on the site, explain how UGallery is featuring their work in media and advertising, and notify them of opportunities on the horizon that will help expand their careers. 

“We are also improving communication between artists and customers. For example, we are bringing our monthly artist follower email into Marketo. That program enables customers to follow an artist by clicking on the artist’s page or buying the artist’s work. We then target the customer with messages about new works released by the artist as well as news related to upcoming exhibits or media reviews of the artist’s work. By enabling customers to share their feedback with artists, we’re strengthening the connection between them and opening the door to additional sales.”