• Experienced two record quarters in revenue after adopting Marketo
  • Revamped entire marketing strategy and developed content & assets cost effectively with Marketo’s progressive profiling
  • Transformed how sales nurtures and approaches leads, resulting in 5x the opportunity conversion the first quarter after implementing Marketo, and continuing to increase 2x every quarter thereafter
  • Integrated seamlessly with Salesforce.com and GoToWebinar, allowing sales and marketing to effectively track and nurture lead cycles
  • Devised innovative marketing strategies and analytical applications from a plethora of resources in Marketo’s Community



Visage provides software that consolidates data on mobile programs for enterprise companies, including information about who’s using what device, what’s being spent, and making sure phones and calling plans aren’t abused. Their innovative software aggregates data on people, expense, inventory and policy into one simple dashboard, which leads to immediate and long-term wireless cost savings. Experiencing phenomenal growth, Visage needed a “grown up” marketing plan. While they were already using a marketing automation solution, they needed a platform that offered deep analysis and connectivity with Salesforce.com to avoid one-way synching and dirty leads. Additionally, they wanted a marketing tool that was both easy to use and had robust features with horsepower. Visage looked at several marketing automation platforms and chose Marketo because it was, as their Vice President of Marketing explains, "The best of both worlds."


At the same time Visage migrated to Marketo, they were rethinking their entire marketing strategy. They had decided to create a vast amount of branded content and concluded that Marketo would be instrumental in managing and analyzing the effects of that content with its all-encompassing dashboard. They migrated to Marketo in a week and began launching campaigns in less than a month with the help of Marketo’s professional services. The digital part of the transition was smooth: two-way synching with Salesforce.com was instantaneous, integration with GoToWebinar and adding social buttons were all straightforward. “Nothing creates success like success,” says Neil Cohen, Visage’s VP of Marketing, and once their sales people started using nurturing emails, receiving responses, and tracking customer behavior, they fell in love with Marketo— coining the Sales Insight alerts as their own “salesbots.” With Marketo’s real-time alerts, the team gained deep understanding into the whole lead conversion process.

Additionally, Marketo’s progressive profiling allowed Visage to keep costs down while creating white pages, webinars, and blogs. With Marketo, Visage was able to evaluate ROI for all their marketing channels, optimizing them through A/B testing. They’ve abandoned tradeshows because Marketo proved their ROI was minimal, allowing them to reallocate marketing budget toward more successful marketing programs. Visage’s marketing team really appreciates having Marketo’s metrics to validate their marketing decisions, which ultimately have a profound impact across their organization. Visage has found Marketo’s Community indispensable for helping them to apply Marketo innovatively to areas that they hadn’t considered before.



Visage has done a 180-degree turnaround in marketing and converting leads. The net effect: five times the opportunity conversion rates and two record quarters in revenue. These days, Visage’s sales team doesn’t make a call until a lead has reached a qualified score. They don’t just look at the endgame, but instead watch leads progress through Marketo’s Opportunity Analyzer, homing in on important trends, indicating how and when prospects should be approached. The team understands that a well-nurtured prospect closes faster and is ultimately a more satisfied buyer. Visage’s CEO isn’t shy about letting sales know that they need to increase nurturing and reach out to prospects in meaningful ways. With Marketo, Visage has taken their sales from a barrage of “Hey, you wanna close the deal?” phone calls to a 21st century consultative sale where the sales and marketing teams are closely aligned in their objectives. Visage is extremely pleased that Marketo has allowed them to be better, smarter marketers, and they’re looking forward to meeting their aggressive goals in future quarters.