10 Steps for a Successful Personalized Web Engagement Strategy

Real-time personalization (RTP) is a web engagement method that marketers use to create meaningful, real-time interactions with targeted individuals through personalized communication across email, web, ads, and mobile. Customers want to feel like individuals, not like numbers. RTP helps marketers accomplish this.

Download this ebook to be guided through the 10 steps of implementing real-time personalization campaigns, so that you can begin targeting individual visitors and moving them down your sales funnel to become customers:

  • Step 1: Define personalization and determine how you can use it
  • Step 2: Choose two or three different use cases to implement
  • Step 3: Take your use cases one step further by outlining the specifics of the strategy
  • Step 4: Segment and gather initial analytics
  • Step 5: Leverage existing content and create customized calls-to-action for each segment
  • Step 6: Outline which content you will deliver during each stage of the customer journey
  • Step 7: Engage in web nurturing to draw customers in
  • Step 8: Power your ads with data to target
  • Step 9: Implement A/B testing to determine what worked well and what could be improved
  • Step 10: Show the right reports to sales so that they have what they need to convert leads

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