5 Ways To Encourage Customers To Share Your Content

There are lots of studies now that have confirmed what we all suspected – consumers trust ads only about 33% of the time – but, they trust recommendations from peers 92% of the time. What to do when your best customers aren’t listening anymore? Stop talking and let your customers do the talking instead. Create remarkable, inviting content and empower them to show their love for your brand by sharing it across their social footprint. Marketo Social Marketing allows you to create a variety of social offers that you can easily integrate into all of your marketing efforts. Social is more than just a channel or a tactic, it should be present in every aspect of your marketing.

This eBook lists and gives examples of 5 creative ways to integrate social into all of your marketing efforts:

  • Turn sharing into a game
  • Identify, recognize, and reward influencers
  • Appeal to altruism
  • Give them something exclusive
  • Let them co-create value

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