Awaken Sleepy Email Subscribers with Reactivation Campaigns

Building a subscriber list is fundamental to email marketing, but maintaining your list by keeping subscribers engaged is even more critical to long-term marketing success.

According to a study conducted by Return Path, over 25% of email addresses in company databases were classified as “inactive,” referring to email accounts that haven’t shown activity in 30 days or more. The best way to awaken your sleepy subscribers is to run a reactivation campaign, an email campaign, or multiple campaigns, specifically targeted towards “sleeping subscribers,” to get them to re-engage with your brand.

This ebook will walk through how to run a reactivation campaign in four steps:

  • Isolate your sleepy subscribers through engagement segmentation.
  • Test different content, offers, and language.
  • Think beyond a one-and-done campaign.
  • Give subscribers a way out.

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