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creating email subject lines and from names.
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Creating Your Email Marketing Subject Lines and From Names

The subject line of an email is one of the first things a recipient sees in her inbox. And she’s likely to make a snap judgment based on that line about whether to open, ignore, delete or — ack! — mark as spam. Not every subject line needs to be Pulitzer Prize-worthy, but there sure is power in a subject line that’s magnetic. Let’s face it, if you can get a subscriber to open your email, you’re doing a good job, but if you can get her to stop what she’s doing and open your email immediately, you’re winning!

Along with the subject line, the sender name — or “From” name — is a critical factor in a subscriber’s decision to open versus delete your email. If a subscriber doesn’t recognize you or doesn’t trust you, he’s far less likely to open your email, and he might even mark it as spam.

Download this ebook and learn best practices in creating stellar subject lines and trustworthy From names like:

  • How long should your subject line be?
  • When to break the subject line rules
  • How to build trust with your From name
  • The different ways you can set up your From name