Get Ahead of the Mobile Herd: 5 Best Practices for Mobile-Optimized Marketing

The race to mobile has become a stampede. The rate of mobile adoption has eclipsed that of all previous technology change waves: by 2014, more than 25% of all global internet traffic will be mobile (up from less than 1% in 2009), and more people will be accessing the internet on mobile devices than on traditional PCs.

Marketers should stop struggling to catch up with the mobile stampede, and learn to lead the pack. We should be leading mobile users to their goals, engaging and converting them along the way. We should also be demonstrating best practices within our organizations and industries. We need to stop treating mobile as an add-on or side project; we need to think of mobile first.

In this ebook we discuss 5 mobile-first best practices to help you effectively engage with your mobile audience, such as:

  • Don't aim for "one size fits all"
  • Don't just mobilize; mobile optimize
  • Use technology that gets you to the market, not technology that gets in your way
  • Go native
  • Measure, capture, and convert

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