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The Energy Industry: Sales and Marketing in a Time of Digital Transformation

Energy companies feel mounting pressure as environmental concerns accumulate, public opinion turns sour, and political obstacles can get in the way of doing business. As digital media technologies transform global business, energy—by and large—lags behind, stuck in a “trade shows and handshakes” ethos that has ruled the industry for decades. This ebook will show you how an engagement marketing strategy powered by marketing automation technologies helps the energy industry confront these challenges, and create digital communications to engage the public in increasingly authentic and credible ways.

Download this ebook and you will learn:

  • How to identify the unique challenges energy organizations face when it comes to adoption of an engagement marketing platform
  • How to strategically present a case for adopting an engagement marketing platform
  • How Phillips 66® implemented an engagement marketing platform to transform their marketing
  • How to identify your change management team
  • The fours pillars of change management to help modernize your marketing