Unmask Inbound Visitors

The majority of visitors to your website—a whopping 98%—are anonymous when they arrive. For instance, if you have 300,000 visitors to your site every month, you won't have the information to contact 294,400 of them—that’s a lot of potential leads!

But by using real-time personalization (RTP) software to track demographic and behavioral data, you can unmask, engage, and convert your early-stage prospects the moment they arrive on your site. RTP software not only listens to your prospects; it also supplies a personalized, relevant web and content experience right from the start.

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  • How RTP can help you serve up content that's customized to the demographics, firmographics, and behaviors of your leads
  • The three W's of personalization—Who, What, and Where you can personalize
  • How to act on valuable firmographic and behavioral information with targeted, customized content
  • The 4 steps to mastering your top-of-funnel leads

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