Website and SEO for Lead Generation

When it comes to converting leads and making lasting impressions, your website is where the magic happens. KISSmetrics, an analytics and testing company, puts it best on
their blog: “Your leads are only as good as the website that produces them”.

Approximately 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy — but they may be willing to provide contact information in exchange for valuable content. That said, you have no more than eight seconds to persuade your website visitors to stick around.

So how can you optimize your site for lead generation? Download this ebook to find out:

  • How to convert leads with optimized forms on your website, landing pages, and social sites
  • How to create powerful, perfectly placed calls-to-action
  • How to minimize "bounce rates" with intuitive website navigation
  • How authentic content, intelligent keywords, HTML, and links improve your website's SEO

Want to learn more about lead generation? Download The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation today!

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