Marketo Overview: What Stakeholders Need to Know


Using Marketo’s powerful engagement platform, you can listen, learn, and engage with prospects and customers, providing them the right content at the right time to acquire, grow, and build brand advocates. In Marketo Overview: What Stakeholders Need to Know, you’ll learn about our engagement platform, study various ways clients use our technology to meet their marketing and revenue goals, and you’ll get an in-depth look at Marketo and how it works. You’ll also learn the basic elements in Marketo that you can use to build the automated programs and campaigns your organization will run, you’ll review administrative tasks, and you’ll be introduced to the technical options to consider for your Marketo setup.


1 day

Ways to attend

Instructor-led virtual 

Best for

Stakeholders, marketing professionals, administrators, and data analysts who will use Marketo


$750 USD

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What you will learn

Marketing Automation with Marketo

  • Engagement marketing in today’s crowded landscape
  • Marketo: the company, sample client types, and how they use Marketo
  • The Marketo Engagement Platform: How to use it in engagement marketing
  • Essential elements in Marketo: in-depth tour
  • Defining your metrics and marketing goals
  • Tech setup for smooth integration
  • Key configuration and maintenance tasks
  • Governance

Building Programs and Campaigns in Marketo

  • Creating your building blocks: emails, landing pages, forms, templates, and other assets
  • Building programs and campaigns: program types, program costs, channels, smart lists, segments, and dynamic content

Preparing to implement Marketo

  • Setting clear goals for your organization
  • Focusing on operational programs: data management, lead scoring, lead lifecycle
  • Developing strategies to meet your goals
  • Considering your organizational setup
  • Additional Marketo resources

Suggested follow-on courses

  • Marketo Core Concepts I