Episode 19: Why Controlled Content is the Future of Digital Marketing featuring Mike Stelzner of Social Media Examiner

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Welcome to another amazing episode of the Marketing Nation Podcast, presented by Marketo and hosted by Marketo’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, DJ Waldow.

Mike Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, My Kids’ Adventures, and fellow podcaster at the Social Media Marketing podcast discuss the evolving nature of top social networks, the valuable return on podcasting, why events are critical in the social media world, and why controlling your content marketing is so important.

DJ and Mike agree that podcasting is a strong form of marketing these days, especially because the number of active podcasters is so low. This means that the opportunity to make a dent in the podcasting scene is huge and the barrier to entry is low – all you need is a smartphone to start your own podcast.

Quite often, podcasting can not only drive traffic to your iTunes page but also to your website or blog. As people begin to make a connection to your personality and ideas, they’ll often want to learn more and visit your website as a result. The opportunities to grow your business through podcasting are endless.

In addition to the trend toward podcasting, there are also some significant changes happening among the large social networks that points us to speculate that new aggregation and curation will be prominent in the future. Facebook’s new Paper app, LinkedIn’s Pulse, and Twitter’s trending news all offer ways for users to browse what’s happening in the digital world without picking up a traditional newspaper.

The evolution of these popular social networks brought us to another new feature that LinkedIn recently started rolling out – a professional publishing platform that allows users to publish content on LinkedIn like never before.

Mike argues that this is not the way to publish content, however, and that companies need to think about owning their content on their own websites and blogs as opposed to publishing on third party networks and developing audiences that way. Sure, having an active Facebook page or LinkedIn Group is valuable, but that should not be your only form of community and content.

This conversation led to the important question – With everyone and their mother creating content these days, what do you do to get your content to stand out?

“Don’t try to compete,” Mike says. “Have an audience, know who they are, and give them what they want.”

It sounds simple enough, but many brands are missing the mark when it comes to delivering high quality content that their consumers need.

Mike gives a shout out to his upcoming event, Social Media Marketing World, which takes place on March 26th – 28th in sunny San Diego. Events are critical in the digital world, says Mike, because they allow for valuable learning experiences and provide a place for online relationships to be taken offline.


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Michael Stelzner is the founder of Social Media Examiner, author of the books Launch and Writing White Papers and the man behind large events, such as Social Media Marketing World and Social Media Success Summit. He is also host of the Social Media Marketing podcast show.