Episode 27: Why We Must Become Brand Marketers, Not Direct Response Marketers featuring Jason Falls of CafePress

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Welcome to the 27th episode of the Marketing Nation Podcast, presented by Marketo and hosted by Marketo’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, DJ Waldow.

Jason Falls, who leads digital strategy for CafePress, joins the Marketing Nation to explore the difference between brand marketing and direct response marketing, how brands can get the most engagement, and why targeted advertising has become so important.

You may know Jason from the popular digital agency that he started, Social Media Explorer. You may also know him as DJ’s co-author of The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing. But now, Jason’s main role is at CafePress, a popular print-on-demand company that specializes in custom printed items.

At CafePress, Jason does everything he can to keep the company on the cutting edge because his particular industry is extremely competitive. As the head of digital strategy, he is responsible for helping nurture new ideas from the brainstorming phase to the execution and measurement phases in order to provide value for shareholders and drive revenue for the company.

Because CafePress is such a visual brand by nature, Jason and his team have embraced image-driven social networks like Instagram and Pinterest. He believes these types of networks are extremely important for brands that use graphics and imagery as a major part of their product line.

In addition to these visual networks, however, Jason says that one of the most valuable marketing strategies he’s been following and testing is the advertising that Facebook provides.

Facebook has so much data on its users, that its targeted advertising options are extremely effective. If you give potential customers the right message at the right time, you’ll hit the “relevancy bulls eye,” which makes your potential audience much more likely to buy.

Another way that Jason suggests to boost conversion rates is for marketers to adopt the idea that they are brand-driven marketers, not campaign-driven. This means that you should always be thinking of ways to form consistent and ongoing connections between your target audience and your brand, so that when the time comes to sell something, your audience will already feel a close connection to you and will be more ready to trust you, and therefore, buy from you.

If you do a great job of brand marketing on the front end, your conversion rates will rise.

Jason gives a shout out to a few events that he’ll be participating and speaking at – the Social + Internet Marketing Engage conference on May 15th in Cincinnati, the Visit Pittsburgh conference on June 6th, and the Social Brand Forum on September 25-26th in Coralville, IA.


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Jason Falls is one of the leading thinkers, consultants, strategists and educators in the emerging world of social media marketing. His insights and ideas have helped International, national and niche brands like Jim Beam Bourbon, Humana, Expion, Maker's Mark Bourbon, the Envelope Manufacturers of America, National Stem Cell Foundation, eXtension, SHPS and the National Center for Family Literacy. He is the editor of SocialMediaExplorer.com, one of the web's most widely read social media marketing blogs, and founder of ExploringSocialMedia.com, a learning community focused on providing education and counsel for those needing help with digital and social media marketing. He lives in Louisville, KY.