Episode 3: Why Marketing is About the Story, Not the Moments featuring Lee Odden of TopRank Marketing

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Welcome to the third episode of the Marketing Nation Podcast, presented by Marketo and hosted by Marketo's Digital Marketing Evangelist, DJ Waldow.

Lee Odden is our special guest this week, joining the show right before a trip to Moscow! He and DJ discuss the major hurdle that businesses are still struggling to overcome, why social media is not about the moments, and how he became CEO of TopRank Marketing.

The notion of "going digital" is a challenge that many businesses still face, even though digital marketing's predecessor may seem like ancient history to those of us who work online every day. It's difficult to consult with companies and brands who aren't truly on board with the digital revolution, and this poses an interesting challenge that Lee faces in his consulting practice.

Lee believes that the future of content and digital marketing is all about, "intentionally creating content for specific audience that creates a specific outcome." (TWEET THIS)

This means that simply generating tons of content for the sake of creating content won't work anymore. The content effort needs to be much more focused and, as Lee says, intentional.

Often, clients want to know the ROI of a single tweet, status update, or blog post. In fact, Lee says, it's not about these individual moments - it's about the emotion and trust that is created when a business shares a lot of moments over time. It's about the overall story, not the singular message.

TopRank Marketing started as a PR agency that Lee contracted for, and soon became CEO of, based on his experience and passion for results-driven online marketing. He attributes much of the TopRank blog and company's success to his creative and talented team who has recently started taking some of the writing off of Lee's shoulders.

Lee gave a shout out to Brian Larson, a TopRank team member who passed away suddenly last weekend. Read more about Brian and make a donation to the family’s charity of choice:

Tune in this week to hear what was possibly the best word-association yet (Lee’s rapid-fire answers to DJ’s sometimes interesting word associations were extremely impressive) and how Lee was able to write over 1.2 million words since he started blogging.

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Lee Odden is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, a Minneapolis based digital marketing agency specializing in strategic internet marketing consulting, training and implementation services including: Content, Search, Email and Social Media Marketing. A veteran internet marketer, Odden has consulted for leading B2B companies including: HP, McKesson, BT, Marketo, StrongMail, one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world and the PRSA.