Focus Sales

Increase revenue by focusing sales on the best opportunities

If you have a sales team, you want them focused on the right opportunities…those that lead to revenue. Identify your best customers and convert more of them by triggering a sales call or relevant offer at exactly the right time. Because Marketo easily integrates with most CRM systems, your sales team is always up to date.

Identify your most valuable customers

Rank customers by their likelihood to exhibit certain behaviors, such as making a new purchase, being open to a cross-sell offer, or not renewing. Lead scoring lets you prioritize your time and effort on the most important and valuable opportunities.

  • Identify which customers are most interested and ready to purchase
  • Decide which customers you are interested in and how quickly you want to contact them
  • Assign positive and negative scores based on unlimited dimensions, such as demographics (e.g. location, role, industry), behavior (e.g. visited key web page, opened email, attended an event), and inactivity


Give sales a clear picture of the hottest leads

Provide your sales team all the information they need to close the hottest leads and opportunities with a clear and simple sales dashboard, completely integrated into your customer relationship management (CRM) system.

  • Instantly spotlight the best leads and opportunities for sales with the Best Bets page
  • Highlight both the quality and urgency of leads with easy-to-scan Stars and Flames icons
  • Track behavior with Interesting Moments, focusing on activities that indicate buying interest
  • Turn insight into action by sending emails or entire campaigns directly within or Microsoft Outlook
  • Help sales understand which contacts contribute to opportunities with a simple analyzer displayed inside your CRM tool 
CRM Integration

Our tailor-made applications for and Microsoft Dynamics make setting up a closed-loop, seamless connection between your CRM system and Marketo a breeze. With two-way syncing every 5 minutes, your sales team is always up to date.

  • Enter your CRM credentials and all your custom objects and fields are synced automatically
  • Add a lead or contact in either system and Marketo ensures both systems are updated
  • Add or delete fields or objects to your CRM framework and they are automatically updated in Marketo


Note: Marketo has been singled out by both customers and analyst firms as having the most robust CRM integrations in the industry.  We offer:

  • Native integrations for and Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Integrations for Netsuite, Oracle, SAP Cloud for Sales, and SugarCRM
  • Custom configurations

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Create, automate and measure campaigns across channels

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Identify the right target accounts using data and AI


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Integrate social to find customers
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Target the right customers with personalized display ads


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