Engage students as the individuals they are, throughout their lifecycle

Today, students have an incredible amount of information about higher education institutions at their fingertips. How do you break through and inspire them to apply and enroll? Once enrolled,
how do you keep them engaged, even after graduation? Our Higher Education Marketing solution, helps you reach your objectives, from enrollment targets to fundraising goals,
with timely, personalized outreach.

Make personal connections at scale

Engage students based on what you know about them. Recognize individual students and their demographics, listen to their behaviors and interests, and respond appropriately based on their stage in the student lifecycle.

Learn how Lewis University personalizes student engagement
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Reach students wherever they are

Deliver relevant, real-time messages to your students across all channels they use, in an email or at an event, on a postcard or on social. With all conversations part of your 360-degree view of each student, you can talk to each of them consistently and seamlessly wherever they are.

See how Berklee College of Music engages across channels

Drive more impact with the same resources

Free your admissions, student life, or alumni engagement teams to focus on students, not administrative tasks. The easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface and smart automation in our solution drive better outcomes without bigger teams.

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Optimize your ROI

Invest your marketing budget wisely to meet your goals. With our solution’s robust program analytics, you can demonstrate successes, determine what works best and when, and double-down on the activities that bring you the highest ROI.

Success Comes In All Sizes
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