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Complete Marketing Automation Buyer's Kit - Marketo

Choosing a marketing automation system isn't easy. That's why Marketo has created the ultimate buyer's kit to help you make an intelligent and informed decision. This kit includes:

  • The most critical questions to ask during a reference call: Find out the most valuable information about important functions, implementation and pricing.
  • A demo checklist: Get the most out of your demo by making sure the system covers the six critical areas of marketing automation, including functionality, design control and ease of use.
  • A sample RFP: Created from actual questions from real RFPs, this questionnaire covers the 12 areas for marketing automation success.
  • Custom slides: A PowerPoint presentation you can customize, put into your company's template, and share with your peers and management however you see fit.
  • ROI Calculator: This essential tool helps you evaluate your sales funnel and the measurable impact marketing automation has had on your revenue.

Downloads in this Kit:

  • The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation 
    Everything you ever wanted to know about marketing automation jam packed in this 100 page guide. Let this be the ticket to more effective, efficient, and lucrative marketing. 
  • Sample Marketing Automation RFP Template 
    Use this RFP to help choose the right Marketing Automation vendor and enable justification to your marketing team. Learn why ease-of-use contributes to greater efficiency and productivity, how to improve email marketing campaigns with customization and how constant synchronization helps keep marketing and sales activities coordinated.
  • Critical Questions to Ask During your Reference Call
    Use this list of valuable questions for every reference call. Topics range from CRM integration, support experience and implementing functions like lead scoring, lead nurturing and data quality.
  • Marketing Automation Demo Checklist
    Be sure to get the most out of your demo by asking these critical questions surrounding functionality, branding and design control, and marketing campaign creation.
  • Sample Marketing Automation Internal Selling PowerPoint Template
    Custom Slides Use this PowerPoint presentation as another tool to justify marketing automation to internal stakeholders. Customize the slides to your company's template, insert your own metrics and share with your peers however you see fit. Show how improved lead management will create more demand for your company's products or services with this custom presentation.
  • ROI Calculator
    Do you want to calculate and optimize your revenue cycle? With this ROI calculator you can evaluate your funnel and show the measurable impact you have on revenue. Use the standard benchmarks provided in the calculator or replace the values to calculate your revenue. Get the numbers you need based on standards provided by SiriusDecisions.
  • How to Succeed with Marketing Automation: A Change Management Lesson Plan
    Implementing marketing automation is just the beginning. This ebook gives you lesson plans, homework assignments, and worksheets to help your business succeed.